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2. Contents n Smart Mobile Solution p Challenges p Solution overview p Solution Benefits n Smart Mobile Cases

9. Solution | Application Vehicle Safety Full coverage monitor Two - way audio • Totally 7 cameras inside and outside not only help the driver, but also provide evidence when accidents happen. • Two - way audio and remote live view is important for emergency.

3. Ø Multiple sensors like smoke sensor, temperature & humidity sensor, to detect the abnormal condition and prevent accidents. Ø Full coverage : Cameras inside/outside the school bus to monitor blind spots, not only help the driver, but also provide evidence when accidents happen. Safety

4. Forward Collision Warning Lane Departure Warning Headway Monitoring Warning Advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) Active prevention Ø Advanced Driver Assistance System, help drivers stay safe on the road. Ø In fact, in a recent fleet management survey, ADAS are one of the biggest industry trends because of their accident prevention capability .

5. Fatigue driving(close eyes/ yawn) Distracted driving Smoking / Calling Lens tampering Driver Status Monitor (DSM) • Warn drivers when illegal driving behaviors happen • Record the alarm and send to platform • Portrait of driver's driving behavior Active prevention

7. Real time information Ø On the platform, administrator can set different rules, it is also available to see the location of the bus on the E - map. Ø O n the mobile application, administrator can set different permission for parents to preview and see the real time location of the school bus. Real time Remote HD monitor GPS with map Alarm information

6. • Vehicle online statistics • Equipment failure statistics • Mileage statistics • Statistics of driving violations • Intelligent alarm statistics A clear view of safe operation • Portrait of driver's driving behavior • Statistical analysis of vehicle and fleet • Customizable for more dimensional statistical analysis Post statistical analysis Security operation dashboard Active prevention

8. Operation Center Mobile Management DSS7016 Motion detection PIR sensor Emergency press Panic button Child check mate Video Surveillance Outdoor camera Video Surveillance Indoor camera On - board CCTV Mobile recorder MNVR Live view 7 inch screen 4G GPS Solution | T opology and scale S ensor Temperature & Humidity sensor Audio alarm S iren MNVR 3 0 00 8 Project scale Indoor Camera 9 0 00 DSS Server Outdoor Camera 120 00


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